Therapeutic Massage | Orchard Park, East Amherst, Buffalo, NY

Appointments Available at both locations.

As a complement to our chiropractic services, All Natural Chiropractic offers therapeutic massage by licensed therapists. Massage therapy provides a broad range of benefits, including:


It can help reduce pain, even in joints. While your massage therapist doesn't work directly on joints - that is your chiropractor's job - massage releases tight muscles exerting pressure on those painful joints, and less pressure translates into less pain.


It can increase the effectiveness of your chiropractic care. Receiving regular massage makes your body easier for the chiropractor to adjust, and, since the adjustment was more effective, your body will often stay in alignment for a longer period of time.


It reduces stress and can help lower blood pressure. Studies show that massage reduces stress hormones, which elevate blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Massage also increases endorphins, those 'feel good' hormones that help keep you feel calm and balanced.


It improves circulation and can help you recover from injury.


It Can Help Improve Posture. A common cause of muscular pain is poor posture. Your massage therapist can help get your body back into proper alignment, and to help correct the positions and movements you've developed over time as a reaction to pain.