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Back and leg pain: I cant stand up straight, sit for long period of times and cant get comfortable position sleeping


Dr. Reeb did an extensive interview and provided me with customized recommendations


I’m sorry we didnt use Dr. Reeb earlier

Dr. Reeb Got My Back

I wish I had met Dr. Reeb years ago. If it were not for him, I would probably be in a wheelchair. My lower back feels great!

Rene Robert

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I have enjoyed the treatments and I feel a lot better.

Marshall G.

Every few years I would suffer from sciatica caused by a herniated disc. The pain was overwhelming. After a few weeks of Doctor Reeb’s spinal decompression treatments and the pain went away. I would recommend Dr. Reeb to anyone who has back pain. Great staff, kind and courteous.

Jim S.

Dr. Reeb has straightened my body and made my life much easier to live. Decompression and treatments have made my life so much easier.

James G.

I am grateful for the ease of appointments that fit my schedule. The relief I feel from treatments is amazing. Dr. Reeb’s hands are truly “medicine” for pain relief. Thank You!

Paula S.

Dr Reeb is a very professional and understanding person. He works with my busy schedule and accommodates me when needed, even on days he is not in the Orchard Park office. The office in OP is very clean and relaxing making visits very comfortable.

Kristen M.

Dr. Reeb really helped me when I most needed it with my sciatica and I kept coming back. It’s been over three years now, and I feel he is “keeping me in line”!

Beth T.

Great Results after only a few sessions.
Friendly Staff
Very Satisfied

Jaymes T.

My experiences with Dr. Reeb for the past few years (w/ herniated discs) have been excellent. His care is superb and he always goes the extra mile to help his patients. I give him my highest recommendation!

Joe F.

Thanks so much. Great office, great people.

Diane D.

Dr. Reeb has helped my neck pain to be completely gone. I have tried regular chiropractic, P.T. and massage therapy. They helped but I still had pain. Thanks to Dr. Reeb I am pain free!

Mike K.

A Miracle Worker!

I had two herniated discs and was in so much pain. After several months of treatment on the spinal decompression machine, I am in no pain and feel good as new! Dr. Reeb is patient and kind and as far as I’m concerned, a miracle worker!

Heidi V.

Back Problem Helped!

Dr. Reeb saved me – My back was so bad and a few sessions with Dr. Reeb helped me so much. I would recommend Dr. Reeb to anyone. He really gets to the problem.

Noreen F.

Many Thanks to Dr. Reeb and the All Natural Chiropractic Team

I have lived with chronic back pain since I ruptured a disc over 30 years ago. It was not unusual for me to experience 2-3 episodes of acute sciatica per year lasting from 7-14 days. Obviously, this always limited my physical activities. I began Spinal Decompression treatments immediately after Dr. Reeb diagnosed my problem. Within weeks, I was pain-free and approximately 3 months later, I was able to resume normal activities (even exercising). It’s been nearly 4 years without a single relapse and during that time I have been able to resume long-distance running once again.

Greg M

30 years

Wonderful Staff – Very friendly. Dr. Reeb fixes you up and makes you feel better.

Jeannie C.

When I first came to this office I felt welcome. Everyone got to know you, and your family when I come in. I like how everyone knows your name. Very friendly staff here. You don’t feel like a number.

Katie W.


Ralph B.

When I first came to this office I felt welcome. Everyone got to know you, and your family when I come in. I like how everyone knows your name. Very friendly staff here. You don’t feel like a number.

Katie W.

“I have been a patient for several years and am well pleased with Dr. Reeb and his staff.”

Richard F.

Very Friendly!

Everyone is friendly, polite and loves chocolate 🙂
I’m very satisfied with care I get from Doc & Staff.

Munroe Neal “Lonny”

“Can’t Thank You Enough!”

Dr. Reeb and staff you are AMAZING! Can’t thank you enough, not only for physical pain relief-but also the warm, friendly spirit your Chiropractic office renders.

Christine Johnson

Pain relief and healing

I have degenerative disc disease and suffered from debilitating pain down the side of my right leg, especially after sitting for a period of time. Walking was difficult. It was a blessing for me to find Dr. Reeb and to have had the spinal decompression treatments along with the massage therapy available in his office. Fortunately, we have Dr. Reeb who is outstanding in the profession that sometimes gets a bad name because of incompetent chiropractors .I trust him and respect him and would recommend him to anyone who is having back issues.

Delphine Levesque


I have had back and shoulder problems for several years now and my good friend suggested that I go and see Dr. Reeb.

When I first met Dr. Reeb – I was impressed that he took the time to LISTEN to what my back/shoulder issues were and then eased me into some basic tests and simple x-rays.

When all was said and done – he recommended that I receive 1 to 2 basic chiropractic adjustments per week. He also stated that my back and shoulder pain was due to day-to-day stress – we all lead stressful lives don’t we?

After only a few visits and adjustments from Dr. Reeb – my back and shoulder pain was starting to feel alot better. No more headaches! No more “knots” in my back and shoulders! No more pain! Dr. Reeb did a phenomenal job!

He also stressed to me that I should keep the adjustments consistent and regular, as the adjustments will allow the spine to maintain a proper position which will eliminate any build-up from stress – was he right!

I actually look forward to getting adjustments at his office as I always feel relaxed when i walk out of there…

What’s really nice is that no matter how busy Dr. Reeb is, he and his staff always make the time to squeeze me in for a last-minute appt. and make me feel like I’m their only patient – they’re never in a hurry when I get even a simple adjustment.




MARKWMSVL at Citysearch

Thank You Dr. Reeb

I have sciatica and three seriously deteriorated discs in my lower back. I first tried spinal shots and physical therapy. This helped for a while until the effects of the spinal shots wore off (they actually only covered up the problem).

At this point, and with my primary doctors approval, I contacted Dr. Reeb regarding his Spinal Decompression DRX-9000 Treatment Program. Dr. Reeb examined my x-rays, fully explained the benefits of Spinal Decompression with follow-up adjustments, and what I could expect as far as relief from my condition. However, he did tell me that due to the deteriorated condition of my discs, the treatments would only bring my spine back to around 80% of what it was.

I have gone through the decompression treatments and follow-up adjustments and can truthfully say that my back condition is 100% better than what it was. I would highly recommend Dr. Reeb to anyone who suffers from sciatica or lower back pain.

Charles D.

All Natural Chiropractic – Lower Back Pain

I’ve lived with acute lower back pain for quite awhile and have tried medication, rest, ice, etc. I started seeing Dr. Reeb a few years ago and through his regular adjustments I can better enjoy the things I like to do: golf, run and outdoor activities. I still get the occasional sharp pain; but when I do, I can easily get into see Dr. Reeb for an adjustment and feel better. He truly cares about his patients.

Jim J.